Project Description

This Really is a Shortcut

Considering how architecture and landscape architecture designate the ways individuals can move from one point to another, I have installed a “long” shortcut that traverses the sculpture park and offers an alternative to the existing intended pathways. The twist here is that this particular shortcut follows a longer and more difficult path than the main path, but it also provides a more rewarding passage.

The shortcut is lined by flowers. Marking every meter, two flowers in plastic pots will be standing on the grass, one on each side of the path, creating a narrow 350-meter long avenue.

The flowerpots remain conspicuously standing on the grass and not placed in the ground, suggesting the contribution and intervention of this atypical landscaping to the already manicured grounds of the University.

Along this path are signs indicating alternative pathways that represent the less-conventional paths chosen by former, non-graduating students of Linköping University. The newly mapped trajectories through the park represent the students’ proactive responses to their dissatisfaction with the directions and options offered by traditional educational institutions.