Project Description

Stills from the video: Illuminated Night

In her latest video Danish artist Isis Meander (b. 1976) is inspired by a dreamlike state of mind between consciousness and subconsciousness. Via a metaphorical image the artist has created a melancholic and mythical setting that is intended to evoke particular states of mind.

The starting point of the video Illuminated Night (2013) is the darkness of the night; a mysticism elaborated through moving image. It is a scenario where darkness and light create a crucial mode for the perceptive mind. In Isis Meander’s cinematic representation the mood and the behavior of the character is explored as symbolic and allegorical expressions of the human, momentary state of mind.

In the video, a viewer is being confronted with the sea from the edge of a hillside. A lighthouse, with its distinctive and specific lighting, highlights the surroundings. A full moon and the surrounding darkness create a mood; which reflects or mimics the human ‘insane’ behavior that can occur at full moon.

Via this, it becomes obvious how her thoughts and work (and process) has been inevitable influenced by the thoughts of Jung.Especially his attitude towards myth through which, every human being can create an idea of being.

The work, by Isis Meander, is centered upon memory, experience, gaze and the relationship, which is being communicated through the photographic method and media. Also, these topics play an essential role in her perception of nature and her works are often a direct response from impression, understanding and experience of her immediate surroundings. Her work is often concentrated on emotions, which reach further or even beyond our control.


Installation view: