Project Description

Impending Memories – Part of In a Time of Disruptions

The metaphoric progress of a rolling snowball is the starting-point of Danish artist Isis Meander’s transformative photographs, in which she has been greatly inspired by the Icelandic nature and the mystifying unknown.

The works presented in the exhibition enclose impressions that nature independently has created in the surroundings of Akureyri, but at the same time indicate how we as analytic perceptive subjects often project own conceptions into these surroundings. Isis Meander is inspired by Sigmund Freud’s definition of The Uncanny from his essay The Uncanny (1919).

Isis Meander is depicting surroundings in which there is a disharmony and where something seems deviant.

The photographic series Impending Memories plays with ideas on psychological tensions. She is interested in showing the small signs of lurking danger in everyday scenes transformed into interpretation of a paranoid view of surroundings. Surroundings containing elements of nature.

Menace as a driving force is evident in these photographic works and connotations to aesthetic, psychological or philosophical reflections seems obvious and considerable.

Her work encompasses the challenges, which lies in the apprehension of the unknown and the uncanny. These matters, which her new series of work are concentrated on, are also deeply motivated by aspects of time and subject matter common to the metaphoric imagery of dystopic, imaginative landscapes.


Installation view:Installation-View-Impending-Memories2Installation-View-Impending-MemoriesInstallation-View-Impending-Memories3 Part of Impending Memories – Melting snow in box. Timelapse