Project Description

Beneath the Surface of Recollection

In Beneath the Surface of Recollection I present a series of photographs, which depict both the beauty of nature and its unpredictable ability to evoke imagination and recollections.

Nature is often associated with peaceful idylls, childhood memories and divine inspiration; but in the case of these photographs, the nature seems to have shifted position. In the series Beneath the Surface of Recollection I have worked with the notion of an evil nature.

Inspired by the film of Lars von Trier, Anti Christ, and by the debate surrounding it, I have investigated film history and literature’s influence on how represen-
tations of nature can cause uncontrollable emotions. An intuitive fear of the unknown and the natural forces that are beyond man’s domination perhaps lies latent in most people. But can nature also be distinctly evil? Far into Sweden and deep inside a forest, the essence of nature is being investigated.

Using two analogue medium format cameras, Holga and Mamiya, I have moved through the forest and following my feelings. The character and atmosphere of the forest has been captured. With subjects such as a mossy forest floor, a dark wooden cabin and a fallen tree with its roots pulled out of the ground, the photographs drive the viewers imagination and set a mood of ambiguous feelings. To be alone in nature can bring about feelings of insecurity, but here it is the signs of human traces that makes us shudder.

The beautiful light of the forest makes the darkness more apparent and that which are natural elements in a forest seem alarming and almost inhabited by an uncanny spirit. What seems like tranquil nature, suddenly becomes associated with unease or even paranoia. The imagination flickers, but the photographs focuses on emotions, we do not even have control over.


Installation view at Galleri Spark: